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Senior Prom

Two years ago I had the honor to create Ms. Adia's Sweet 16 Birthday Cake and cupcakes. Today her mother allowed me the opportunity to make the treats for a day many young girls wait for....SENIOR PROM!!!!

You plan every detail out from the colors, dress, hair, shoes, manicure and most importantly the chariot for the night. Ms. Adia looked amazing in her navy blue and silver beaded dress. She truly graced the evening beautifully.

Adia not only has the beauty but she has the brains to match. She has been accepted into several colleges where she will continue to expand her education.

Itty Bitty Treats prepared a Blue Velvet Cake adorned with Silver Cream Cheese icing and a sugar garnished boarder. Her cake was prepared with an elegant rosette design to match the occasion. The mini cupcakes were garnished with Silver Cream Cheese icing and silver and blue sugar pearls and sugars.

Thanks Tonia

Happy Cupcaking

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